Together, let's rethink your customers' journey

Our solution

Skeat allows your customers to order and pay their products directly with their smartphone.
Wether you provide table service or not, we adapt and shape our offer to your operations.

A new and smarter way of ordering

Your customers get instant access to your online menu, choose their products, and directly get served by your waiters or barmen.

An enhanced and digital ordering experience

Your customers manage their ordering process

A time saver for both customers and staff

Payment with no drawbacks

Your customers pay their orders directly on their smartphone, using the payment method of their choice.

A placed order is a cashed order

No more till issues, no more fraud… just safe cash

Again, a huge time saver for you and your customers

A plug and play solution

From our first contact to the first Skeat order, we take care of everything.
No investment. No set-up cost. No obligation.

Digital menu creation

We create your tailored online menu, and translate it in different languages according to your customers’ needs.

Operational set-up

We deliver the required hardware and set up our back-office software taking into consideration your operational processes.

Staff onboarding

Once deployed, we make sure your staff takes ownership of our solution. We stay as long as needed.

24/7 support

At any time, wether you have a question, a problem or a specific demand, we remain available to answer it or to step in if need.

Why Skeat ?

Deliver a top of the line experience. Optimize your workflow. Boost your business.

Increase your margins

Skeat optimizes your workflow : your waiters and barmen serve more but cost the same. Customer experience can finally become a priority.

+15% customer turnover

Running around after bills, fetch the change or bring the payment's over ! When your customers are done, no need for useless waiting, they can simply leave

+20% average basket

A huge line at the bar ? A crowded summer terrace ? Your customers face many discouraging situations for an additional treat. Don't miss any order thanks to Skeat.

All payment methods are yours

Offer mobile payment to your customers ! Remain up to date and be a part of the mobile payment revolution. Thanks to Applepay, Lydia or Wechat Pay, broaden your audience by adapting to your customers (for free)

Open to the world

A multiple-language menu ! Amaze your international customers by letting them access your menu in their native language. A tailored experience for fulfilled customers

A real-time editable menu

Handle your offer with ease. Add, delete or edit an item in a glimpse. Make special offers at any time, stay in control over your flow of orders and adapt your menu depending on the the season, events, weather...

Let's meet

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