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Maximise the profitability of your F&B business by creating your tailored digital customer journey

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They talk about it better than we do

SKEAT was able to adapt to the complex ecosystem of Groupe Partouche by integrating perfectly with the POS, Payment and customer loyalty solutions.
Thanks to its agility and reliability, the solution was able to meet the targeted and specific functional needs of the casinos while respecting the strong security requirements inherent to their environment.
In addition, the support provided to the teams in the field was a key factor in the successful deployment in the operations and the onboarding of the operational staff on site

Groupe Partouche
Julien Lemercier & Jean-Marc Requet
Groupe Partouche


The Skeat expertise

For several years, Skeat has been supporting crowded bars and breweries around 4 major challenges

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Create synergies between your offers

Centralise all your offers, activities and services in a single web app and maximise your revenues across all your channels

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Maximise the average basket

Offer your customers an intelligent and frictionless ordering process. By offering them the right product at the right time, they spend on average 23% more (restaurants, shops, etc.)

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Optimise your human resources

Reduce your dependence on staff by automating cash receipts and order taking. Do more with less

Skeat hotels values

Get closer to your customers

With the data you own, understand your customers better than ever and make sure you always deliver the experience they are expecting


Skeat gives you the tools to achieve your goals

Skeat allows you to centralise all your digital initiatives concerning the customer experience in a single white label web app connected to all your back-of-house tools (POS, CRM, Loyalty, PSP...)

Omnichannel sales

Different ways of ordering and paying are available into one unique platform

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Click & collect and Takeaway

Your customers select a time slot to pick up their order and retrieve it when it is ready

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Ordering at the table

Your clients scan the QR code, take their order and are served directly at their location

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Home delivery

During their visit, your customers discover your shop's selection, do their purchase on site and are then delivered at home

Omnichannel sales

On-site synergies

Cross-reference your restaurant offerings with other activities and services, and maximise customer spend

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All your catering offers available on your web app and accessible in one scan (takeaway, order at table, payment at table...)

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Shop and e-shop

Integrate your shop and souvenir selection into the web app and generate additional sales

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Booking activities

Give your customers the opportunity to book an activity or a table at the restaurant from your web app

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Market Place

Surprise your customers by displaying all your partners' offers, activities and services on your web app

On-site synergies

Real-time customisation

Your ambition is to operate a living and dynamic business. Skeat empowers you to do it at least as well with your web app

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Dynamic content display

All of your web app's content and functionalities evolve automatically depending on the time of day

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Customer location

Your customers have access to different content and functionalities depending on the location where the QR code was scanned

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Dynamic messages

Targeted contents and messages are automatically displayed during all the customers' navigation through the web app

Real-time customisation

Promotions, Loyalty and CRM

When a customers use your Skeat web app, they are using their own smartphone. This opens up a huge number of opportunities

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Discount engine

Automate data-driven promotional scenarios and always offer the right product at the right price to your customers

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Coupons and Vouchers

Automate the creation of promotional codes for your customers and define your own custom redemption rules

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Loyalty program

Connect your loyalty program to Skeat and allow your loyal customers to enjoy their benefits directly on the web app

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Customer database and CRM

Collect customer data in compliance to boost your marketing campaigns and understand your customers better

Promotions, Loyalty and CRM

And much more...

Back office

Your teams will love having control

Manage, monitor and enrich your customer journey from a powerful and intuitive web interface

Service management

In real time and adapted to multi-site

Financial management of transactions

Keep control of your financial flows safely

SKEAT Dashboard

Real-time content management

Create, edit and send messages and other content in 1 click from your dashboard

Analytics & user data

Enrich your customer knowledge and increase your performance tenfold

Do you manage a group of more than 10 locations ?

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100% white label software

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Advanced and custom features

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Custom integrations to your existing software

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Dedicated project team

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