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Boost your business's profitability from day one by providing a seamless ordering experience to your customers and simplify the operational management for your staff


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They talk about it better than we do

Skeat is the WebApp that we use within Brique House to digitalize our customer journey. In figures, Skeat x BH means more than 80% of our orders have gone through the webApp every day for the past 3 years, resulting in 200,000 orders and 20% additional sales. Our operational expertise and the digital expertise of the Skeat product match perfectly and serve our great ambitions.

Site Director - Brique House Taproom
Site Director - Brique House Taproom


The Skeat expertise

For several years, Skeat has been supporting crowded bars and breweries around 4 major challenges

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Boost re-ordering

A second beer? A round of shots? A dessert? Less than 10% of your customers reorder during their visit. With Skeat, it's over 38%

Skeat hotels values

Control attendance peaks

By digitising tasks like taking customers' orders and payments, you can increase the productivity of your teams tenfold during rush periods

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Optimise your human resources

Reduce your dependence on staff by automating orders and payments. Do more with less

Skeat hotels values

Reduce the waiting time at the bar

Offer a seamless experience where your customers no longer queue but wait peacefully at their table before picking up their order or being served


Skeat gives you the tools to achieve your goals

More than 430 features dedicated to digital ordering and payment that will allow you to offer an experience that meets the expectations of your customers and your teams

Order to table

Receive pre-paid orders directly on your kitchen display or printers and serve your customers at the table

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Customer location

When you receive a Skeat order, the table number is communicated to your POS so that you can easily locate and serve your customers

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Dynamic menus

Your menus are automatically updated throughout the day. Display in priority coffee in the morning, beer after work and cocktails in the evening

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Order merging

Avoid multiplying orders on the kitchen display or printers. Skeat automatically merges all orders from the same group of people

Order to table

Counter withdrawal

Stop letting your customers wait at the bar when it's crowded. Just prepare your customers' already paid orders and notify them when their order is ready to be picked up at the counter

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Customer identification

Identify your customers with their order number, a colour code and their first name (optional)

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Flow management

Define the maximum number of orders you are able to handle per time slot

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Customize the notifications and sms that your customers receive according to the status of their orders and turn them into a marketing tool (links, upsells, re-ordering, coupons...)

Counter withdrawal

Upselling & suggestions

Let Skeat become your best selling staff and dramatically increase the average spending through the power of digital

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Paying options

Suggest your customers to select payable options on your desired products (extra syrup +1€, Redbull +4€...)

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Intelligent product matching

Skeat identifies your clients' purchasing basket and suggests automatically an additional purchase with high probability (shooters, finger food...)

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Allow your customers to re-order their favourite product in 1 click and increase the number of drinks per customer. Another beer?

Upselling & suggestions

Pay at table

Allow your customers to pay their bill autonomously and free up time for your staff

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Split the bill

Your customers can split the bill into equal parts or select the products they wish to pay

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Payment methods

Your customers can pay with Apple Pay in one click, but also with credit cards or restaurant vouchers

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Your customers can leave a tip when paying their bill

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Dematerialised receipt

Once the bill has been paid, your customers can receive their invoice by e-mail

Pay at table

And much more...

Back office

Your teams will love having control

Manage, monitor and enrich your customer journey from a powerful and intuitive web interface

Service management

In real time and adapted to multi-site

Financial management of transactions

Keep control of your financial flows safely

SKEAT Dashboard

Real-time content management

Create, edit and send messages and other content in 1 click from your dashboard

Analytics & user data

Enrich your customer knowledge and increase your performance tenfold

Do you manage a group of more than 10 locations ?

Discover Skeat ENTERPRISE, the white label solution for the most ambitious projects

100% <span class='text-main-orange'>white label software</span>

100% white label software

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Advanced and custom features

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Custom integrations to your existing software

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Dedicated project team

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