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Experience the new way of ordering

Thanks to SKEAT, allow your customers to order and pay in a glimpse, directly from their smartphone, and in any language.

Our solution

Skeat allows your customers to order and pay directly from their smartphone without downloading any app. Whether you offer table service, room service or bar service, Skeat adapts to your operational functioning.

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The customer scan a QR code

Skeat avoids the use of additional electronic devices to control, and the resulting disadvantages: recharging, breakage, theft, digital pollution ...

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He discovers the richness of your menu

We pay particular attention to making your menu your best seller

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Payment in one clic

Your customer pay his order securely with the payment method of his choice (Bank card, Apple Pay, Room payment, WeChat Pay, etc.)

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The order is processed efficiently

Your staff manage orders from a lean and intuitive interface.

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Your customers. Amazed.

By providing them with an innovative experience, you are sure to fully satisfy each of your customers

Do you manage an establishment ?

Deliver a top of the line experience. Optimize your workflow. Boost your business. From our first contact to the first Skeat order, we take care of everything







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Logo BFM Business“Cette start-up vous permet de passer commande puis de payer depuis votre smartphone.“